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Amalgamation Necklace

Steel Necklace

Created by Shirley Wagner
This piece is from the artist's inaugural collection of art jewelry she refers to as "Body Manifesto". With this new series, she boldly juxtaposes her one of a kind sculptures into art necklaces. This debut collection of very special art pieces is not meant to be put in a drawer when not being worn but left out on a dressing table.

"Amalgamation" is a confluence of aged brass and stainless steel. Hand forged and cold constructed, the artist brings parts and pieces together to create a dynamic composition. With the use of recycled and repurposed materials, expect scratches and imperfections. It adds to the aesthetic of this amazing art piece. Sitting in high relief, the piece may not be suitable for every body type. The piece is accented with the artist's quintessential stainless dot. Lined in leather and signed on the back, the work hangs from an 18" hand made rubber neck cord.

Finished with a hook clasp.