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Bowl Turned From Box Elder Burl

Wood Bowl

Created by Eric Reeves
The bowl that appears here has been turned from an absolutely superb blank of Box Elder Bur, one without blemish or imperfection. This in itself is uncommon, but that the wood is also so pure in its very light cream color, with soft swirls of yellow that appear, then disappear on the surface.

The shape of the bowl is defined by its curved ogee profile. The term ogee derives ultimately from medieval cathedral architecture, but remains an important part of the formal sensibility of woodturners. This has been true since Frank Prestini brought woodturning into the realm of craft art in the 1940s.

This bowl has been turned, sanded, and finished with the utmost care to preserve the perfection embodied in the wood itself. The result is as close to what might be called a classic woodturning as possible. The wood itself is light and has been turned to very thin dimensions, creating a distinctive feel.

For decorative use only. Stand not included.

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