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Bowl Turned From Madrone Burl

Wood Bowl

Created by Eric Reeves
Madrone burl, or Arbutus menziesiii, is a beautifully golden brown wood from northern California and Oregon. It is an extremely hard, dense wood, with a subtle, often iridescent quality figuration. The wood takes an excellent finish.

It has become difficult to find truly spectacular Madrone burl wood, but this bowl represents all that is best in the wood. The profile and rim shape are designed to display both figure and warm color to maximum effect. The walls of the blow are thinly turned so that despite the density of the wood, the feel of the turning is one of wonderful lightness.

After the wood has received final sanding down to 600 grit, and sealing, it is finished with a soft wax finish, a combination of carnauba and beeswax in a soft solvent. This finish has a very light and transparent quality, and is pleasing to the touch. Stand not included.

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