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Mobile of Individual Turned Spheroids of Buckeye Burl

Wood Mobile

Created by Eric Reeves
This mobile has been created out of individually turned Buckeye spheroids, with spruce struts painted flat black, secured with a particularly strong black thread from Germany. Balance has to be perfect with such a mobile, since the point of connection between thread and strut creates a point of zero friction. Even the slightest weight differential will create wild tipping. Creating a mobile such as this is an enormously time-consuming process.

Mobiles are difficult to photograph fully properly, both because of the different focal lengths as well as the movement of the spheroids, which is slight but inevitable. On receiving the mobile, the purchaser must carefully unpack the layered struts with spheroids attached, place the entire mobile on a carpeted floor, then arrange the level, followed by balancing. The mobile has been packed as carefully as possible, so there should be no problem unpacking it, then laying it out. When a location has been picked, with the ideal thread length between the top spheroid reaching to the ceiling selected, the thread should be tied with a series of square knots. To ensure that the knots never come undone, a quick burst of flat black spray paint should be directed at them, then allowed to dry.

Once the spheroids have been given their final balanced position, the spray paint, again in very quick bursts, should be applied to the joints of thread as well as spruce struts. This ensures that the knots do not move even slightly, keeping the mobile in perfect balance.

All this requires less work than might seem from this description. The mobile, once set up, will move gently with any air movement, giving a calming sense of balance, beauty, and order.

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