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Cocobolo and East Indian Rosewood Form

Wood Sculpture

Created by Eric Reeves
For a long time the artist has resisted the sculptural trends in woodturning, always admiring but also remaining committed to the wonderful possibilities of bowl turning. He has worked with some seventy different woods, and faceplate turning has always drawn him to new shapes, profiles, and dimensions. But of late he has become fascinated by sculptural possibilities, especially those involving the use of finials.

His fascination resulted in this sculptural woodturning, which combines two rosewoods. The cocobolo rosewood is the centerpiece—a hollow form suspended between a base and finial of East Indian rosewood. Both are true members of the rosewood family, known as dalbergia. Cocobolo, sometimes called queen of the rosewoods, has tremendous color and figure and is highly variable in both. The cocobolo in this turning is lighter and more revealing of color and figure. It is complemented by the subtler color and figure of the East Indian rosewood base and finial.

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