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Hollow Form Turned From Maple Burl

Wood Sculpture

Created by Eric Reeves
Maple Burl is one of the premier turning woods, and this hollow form gives a good sense of why. It has tremendous figure, wonderfully warm colors, with considerable variation. Hollow form turning was made most notable as a particular woodturning technique by David Ellsworth, still the master turner of hollow forms. Because the centrifugal forces pulls shavings cut on the interior of the turning to the inside of the wall, it requires constant clearing. Perhaps no form of woodturning is more idiosyncratic than hollow form turning, which requires that the shaped form be completely hollowed of all inner material using only a very small opening to accomplish this. Various tools have been deployed, and at least four were required as various stages for the hollow form seen here. The light feel of a hollow form is a bit uncanny, since to hold it is to have expectations about what a piece of wood must weigh profounding upended. The profile of this hollow form is also worth noting, as it reflects so well the sense of design and proportion on the part of the craft artist.

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