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Mounted Sculptural Form of Gold Mallee Burl

Wood Sculpture

Created by Eric Reeves
This fine example of Gold Mallee Burl, from a species of Australian Eucalyptus tree, has beautiful color and figure. The natural edge of the burl is preserved to give the turning a sculptural quality, which is made more visible by being mounted on a stand of East Indian Rosewood, a true member of the Dalbergia rosewood family, and Camphor Burl from Vietnam. The mounting has been firmly secured to sculptural form itself, as well as perfectly balanced.

There are few woods in the world like the Mallee Burl family, growing on different of various Australian Eucalyptus species. The burls are cut in slices from the trunk or large branches of a tree without harming the tree itself. What is visible in the natural edge of this turning is the outermost layer of bark and sapwood that defines the tree. But this in turn gives way to the remarkable figure of the burl heartwood, and it is for this that the wood is so highly prized by woodturners. Both the East Indian Rosewood and Camphor Burl work to complement the colors of the burl wood.

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