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Sculptural Form Turned From Australian Gold Mallee Burl

Wood Sculpture

Created by Eric Reeves
This sculptural from is turned from an Australian burl cap, a growth frequently found on the trunks of various species of eucalyptus. Gold Mallee burl is one of the most prized of these rare woods, both for its fabulous color and its dramatic figure. This specimen is particularly beautiful and finedly figured. Botanically, it is a close cousin of Red Mallee Burl.

The wood is extremely hard, as dense as any wood that can be turned. The natural edges of this burl cap have been preserved in this turning. This creates a powerful tension between the smooth surface, the elegant concave, and the rugged edges that mark the outside of the burl as it has been sliced off the tree. The turning has been sealed, then finished with Danish oil as well as a beeswax and carnauba combination.

Every burl has unique qualities, of figure, color, and dimensions. This is an extraordinarily fine example of Gold Mallee Burl. Stand not included.

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