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Suspended Hollow Form of Buckeye Burl

Wood Sculpture

Created by Eric Reeves
The hollow form suspended here is defined by its two African Blackwood finials, a wood that with its extraordinary density and oily texture is ideal for the very fine cuts and curves that define a finial. The hollow form itself is a very fine piece of Buckeye burl, a wood that is increasingly hard to find, and thus increasingly expensive. But it has unrivaled figure, its inky lines seeming to create an entire galaxy on the surface of the turning. It is a root burl, and as such has very different properties once it has been harvested and exposed to the air, where it rapidly oxides into the rich, dark figure seen here. Given the predominant colors of Buckeye burl, African Blackwood is not only the perfect wood for finials but offers a color complement as well. The entire form, including the suspending stand, is ten inches high and seven inch across. The actual suspended hollow form, including finials, is six and a half inches high and five inches diameter.

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