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Suspended Hollow Form of Figured Myrtle and Snakewood

Wood Sculpture

Created by Eric Reeves
This suspended hollow form of figured myrtle has finials of snakewood on top as well as underneath. It is is suspended by an eyehook connecting the upper finial to a metal stand, which comes with the woodturning. The result is a turning that seems to float, indeed to appear suspended.

The figure and color of the figured myrtle is subtle but beautiful. The snakewood, by contrast, is a tropical American hardwood of incredible density, weight, and hardness. It is too expensive to use as anything but a detail wood, but for that purpose it is perfect, especially in finials. The wood is dramatically figured, hence its name. Because it is so hard and dense it makes an extraordinary finish, perhaps the best in the world of woods.

Because the lower finial does not touch or connect to anything but the hollow form itself, it can be turned down a sharp point, giving the turning a fine profile overall.

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