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Hollow Form Turned From Claro Walnut With Snakewood Finial

Wood Vessel

Created by Eric Reeves
The Claro Walnut hollow form here is crowned with a fixed lid of Maidou Burl from Vietnam and an extended finial turned from Snakewood, one of the most precious and beautiful of all tropical American woods.

Claro Walnut has more figure and color variation than the walnut we are familiar with from furniture making. It comes from Oregon, where it is harvested, slabs sealed, requiring considerable drying time, as well as repeated turnings to even out the movement of the drying wood. Maidou Burl is related to Amboyna, one of the most celebrated woods in woodturning. It has the same distinctive figure and color, although like Amboyna, it is increasingly hard to find.

Snakewood is an extremely heavy, hard, dense wood, weighing considerably more than water. The example of Snakewood in the finial here represents the wood at its finest, with dramatic figure that might be expected on a snake or other reptile, hence its name. The wood, because it is so hard, takes a fabulous finish, highlighting further the figure and color.

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