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Art in the Southeast
Fine craft has been a cornerstone of American art, and the Penland School of Crafts in North Carolina serves as one of the most prominent centers for craft in the Southeast. Diverse local cultures of quilters, potters, painters, basket makers, and furniture makers find the Southern acceptance of individuality and creativity a fertile ground for their endeavors. Whether glass, jewelry, paintings, or furniture, art from the Southeast often combines brilliant color and dramatically original design–reflecting the rich and varied culture and landscape of the region.

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Glass is a medium of ineffable beauty, captivating the eye with a dance of color and light.
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Clay captures the mark of the artist’s hand like no other material and conveys a wealth of exquisite detail.
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Furniture & Lighting
The beauty and craftsmanship of artist-made furniture far surpasses anything mass-produced.
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Art for the Wall
From prints and paintings to sculpture and mirrors, wall art can transform any room.
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Objects & Décor
The most familiar household objects become something extraordinary in the hands of artists.
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Whether playful, elegant, or bold, every piece of artist-made jewelry possesses its own personality.
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From wardrobe essentials to statement pieces, apparel created by artists makes a unique statement of style.
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