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Artist Corner
Artful Home represents more than 1,200 North American artists. Accomplished, celebrated, and rigorously selected by industry experts, Artful Home artists are among today’s proven masters. All 14,000 items available through the Artful Home catalogs and website are handmade by these artists and shipped direct from their studios. Learn more about Artful Home artists below.
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Studio Visits

 Britt Anderson
Britt Anderson’s work has been recognized with three consecutive Illinois Jewelry Association First Place Awards and a coveted American Gem Trade Association Spectrum Award.
Read the Britt Anderson interview.

Ed Byers
Ed Byers began working in clay in 2003 and soon found himself with an intense interest in figurative sculpture. Heads, torsos, bodies: all expressing gesture, beauty and spirit through texture, color, and form.
Read the Ed Byers inteview.

Ed Byers
Cathy Broski’s work is steeped in archetypal and personal symbolism. Figures, houses, boats, and pottery are all vessels to contain things we hold dear...
Read the Cathy Broski inteview.

Artist Videos

Join us on a virtual coast-to-coast tour of American artists’ studios. Peek behind the scenes to watch the sparks fly, glass flow, and sawdust swirl as these artists create beautiful works of art. Watch artist videos now.