Ellen Vontillius

"The creative process has always played an important role in my life."

Ellen Vontillius is an artistic jeweler who combines romance with elegance to create delicate, lyrical jewelry. She strives to create pieces with soft, subtle, understated designs.

Vontillius draws a great deal of inspiration for her jewelry designs from classical dance movements. She feels that dance is one of the most exquisite forms of human communication and expression, and has worked for over 30 years to learn how to use her body in this beautiful language. She aims to capture the elegance and simplicity of this language in her work as a metalsmith.

Along with a bachelor's degree in science, Ellen Vontillius also did undergraduate study in the visual arts and dance. She began working in metal in 1991.

Overlapping Leaf Bracelet
Silver & Pearl Bracelet

$ 190
Overlapping Leaf Necklace
Silver & Pearl Necklace

$ 398
Hanging Bloom on a Twist
Silver & Pearl Earrings

$ 95
Two Leaf and Bloom Bracelet
Gold & Pearl Bracelet

$ 175 - $ 1,200
Rounded Bloom Bracelet
Silver & Pearl Bracelet

$ 210
Branch Earrings
Gold & Pearl Earrings

$ 350
Deco Necklace with Pearls
Gold & Pearl Necklace

$ 375 - $ 2,490
Multi-Leaf Bracelet
Silver & Pearl Bracelet

$ 175 - $ 185