William Zweifel

"We are who we are as a result of the interweaving of many life experiences. How much we allow pressures to influence us will determine whether we will be in turmoil or at peace "

Sculptor William Zweifel creates works in glass that explore the ideas of pressure and fragility. In his work, shapes that appear simple and smooth are in fact made up of individual lines, working on different planes, heading in different directions, yet interweaving in such a way that they directly influence one another. The final shaping is determined by the addition of heat and gravity. The strength with which these elements are applied can cause the structure to be smooth and graceful or stark and angular.

Choosing glass for its obvious attributes of color and texture, Zweifel also explores the ability of the media to freeze moments in time. "I find in its very fragility, a metaphor for the fragility of our existence. Being able to freeze these moments, in such a delicate medium, offers me an opportunity to create the tranquility that I find so comforting."

A native of Chicago, William Zweifel now works out of his studio in rural Southern Wisconsin. Before devoting full time to his hot glass work, he was an entrepreneur, building a successful company that was sold in 1999. After its sale he opened Midland Studio and began to explore his artistic endeavors. Largely self taught, William has been fortunate enough to work with many successful artists in their studios and attend Pilchuck glass school to further develop his glass skills.

Art Glass Sculpture

$ 2,900
Art Glass Sculpture

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Art Glass Sculpture

$ 4,500