Francesca Vitali


"I began my journey in jewelry design after having already started a career as a chemist. In my vision, art and chemistry have found an intersection point in the alchemy of paper jewelry."

Francesca Vitali strives to transform paper, a humble and ordinary material, into precious objects of original and modern design. Paper affects everyday life continuously and in multiple forms: magazines, maps, shopping bags, etc. She enjoys the idea that fragments of our lives will remain trapped in her paper jewelry.

Vitali strives to reveal the dignified essence of this fascinating element by using an unusual way to mix traditional metalworking techniques with embroidery, weaving, or tramp art.

She earned her Ph.D. in organic chemistry at the University of Zurich, Switzerland. Besides her passion for science, she has been working with paper since she was a child in Italy, but it was only when she moved in U.S. that she felt the need to incorporate metal into her work. Since then she has taken many workshops and studied at the Penland School of Craft and the Revere Academy in San Francisco.

Ceresa Earrings
Paper & Steel Earrings

$ 90 - $ 100
Penelope Earrings
Paper & Steel Earrings

$ 160
Locket Necklace
Paper & Steel Necklace

$ 100 - $ 110
Bry Necklace
Paper & Steel Necklace

$ 250
Sei Necklace
Paper & Steel Necklace

$ 420
Due Necklace in Red
Paper & Steel Necklace

$ 100