Kathleen Dustin

"People often ask me, "Where do your ideas come from?" I feel that part of my job as an artist is to pay attention. The imagery of my work comes from taking a deep look at my life, responding to it, and expressing it so that it strikes a chord in someone else, encouraging them to pay attention. "

Made of colorful layered and sculpted polymer clay and oxidized sterling silver, Kathleen Dustin's jewelry is informed by the repetition of shapes and colors in the seeds, pods, grasses, and moss she finds on her walks in the New Hampshire woods.

In beautiful pieces based on botanical forms, Dustin works polymer clay using a variety of techniques. Trained as a mathematician, she is a problem solver by nature. She does not sit down to play with the clay so much as to solve specific design problems, to which she gives much focused thought.

Kathleen Dustin is acknowledged as one of the pioneers of the polymer clay movement. She earned an MFA in ceramics before receiving national attention for her groundbreaking work with polymer.

Crazy Spiral Earrings
Polymer Clay Earrings

$ 100