Amy Brill Sweaters

Amy Brill Sweaters/Totally Brill

"American Handcraft garments are more than just clothes made in America: they represent craftsmanship, pride, and quality. I am honored every day to work with my team and see the culmination of those ideals."

When Meg Goloub became the creative director of Amy Brill Sweaters, she was taking in her hands the legacy of an existing artist and the responsibility of building on this artisan craft business.

25 years ago, Amy Brill began her business, Amy Brill Sweaters. Her fascination with textiles, fabrics, and making things first took form with the creation of soft sculpture dolls, which led to wool spinning and dyeing. She then began to focus her love of knitting and design into creating sweaters. Amy Brill is known for her ability to invent and reinvent sweaters with interesting lines and vibrant colors, and for styles that emphasize ease and wearability.

Meg Goloub, along with her husband, Ivan, worked with Amy Brill and fell in love with the sweaters and this legacy of American Handcraft. Every sweater is a collection of skills, trades, and individual craft that is created in the United States from beginning to end. A single craftswoman hand looms the garment and another sews on the buttons, together creating a work of art with form and functionality.