Garrett Keisling

"Flameworked glass presents me with an intimate setting in which I can express myself artistically. As an artist, I like to create work that is lighthearted and accessible-- if my work makes you smile then I have done my job. "

Garrett Keisling creates each piece individually in his studio within the Tahoe National Forest in northern California. He finds great inspiration in his surroundings and includes elements of nature in many of his works.

Keisling uses the process of flameworked glass to create his works. This process of using a gas-fueled torch to manipulate glass rods and tubes has a rich history and has recently seen a renaissance in the United States due to development of new tools and an expanding color palette. Making laboratory glassware has been most influential in Keisling's career, allowing him to gain a solid understanding of such a technical medium before applying his skills to create high-quality artwork.

Keisling holds a degree in Scientific Glassblowing Technology from Salem Community College in southern New Jersey. He has trained with some of the world's top artistic flameworkers and has worked in an industrial setting, creating laboratory glassware for medical research and development.