Marilee Nielsen

"My goal is to create jewelry inspired by natural forms, that incorporates clean lines and demonstrates flawless technique."

Marilee Nielsen believes that a spiritual connection to a natural world order can be found within the undulating, organic shapes of her jewelry. She strives to create this connection in each of her pieces, making jewelry that contains a sense of peace and beauty. Nielsen is also a teacher who shares her process as a way to improve upon her designs and to share the joy of creation with others.

Nielsen fabricates her jewelry one piece at a time from sheet silver, silver tubes, solder, and a very hot acetylene torch. She enjoys the process of bringing to life in silver the designs she meticulously draws and plans before construction.

Nielsen has a degree in landscape architecture and spent a year studying art and architecture in Florence, Italy. She completed a second degree in art, during which time she began her education in jewelry fabrication. Her design background and hours of working as a painter translate into great attention to detail in her jewelry. She also has a masters degree in education and finds that teaching continues to refine her work.

Single Gold Bamboo Branch
Gold & Stone Necklace

by Marilee Nielsen
$ 130
$ 110.50
Gold Plated Bamboo Cuff with Pearl
Gold, Silver & Pearl Bracelet

by Marilee Nielsen
$ 270
$ 229.50
Small Bamboo Hoops
Silver Earrings

by Marilee Nielsen
$ 90
$ 76.50
Single Bamboo Branch Necklace
Silver & Stone Necklace

by Marilee Nielsen
$ 130
$ 110.50
Bamboo Series Dangling Pendant
Silver & Pearl Necklace

by Marilee Nielsen
$ 190
$ 161.50
Selected Exhibitions & Awards
Buyers Market American Crafts, PA, Philadelphia, 2006
Contemporary Crafts Market, CA, San Francisco, 2005
Contemporary Crafts Market, CA, San Francisco, 2004
Sawdust Festival, CA, Laguna Beach, 2002-2005
Summer Solstice Show, CA, Pomona, 2003