Ben Dyer

Ben Dyer Jewelry

"Attracted to a craft that is varied, complex, and ancient, I am intrigued by the spiritual and mystical associations of body ornamentation. I wrestle with living in tune with both history and the needs and dreams of the future. My artwork is a celebration of nature and wonderful forms. Consequently, I am sensitive to the environmental impact of jewelry making."

For Ben Dyer, a successful design suggests motion, reveals unique aspects from different angles, and expresses elegance and grace in asymmetry. In his designs, flowing lines and elongated forms contrast with coarse, textured, or hard-edged shapes. Gemstones and colored gold add contrast and color.

Ben Dyer uses direct metal techniques such as cold forging, hand forming, texturing, and gold soldering to construct his jewelry. He is known for his precision forging in gold. These techniques are labor-intensive, and the finished work is detailed and meticulous. The results are jewelry pieces that are a pleasure to wear every day.

Ben Dyer has been making art since childhood, and he began creating jewelry in 1975. As a youngster, Ben was always building things, working with hand tools, drawing, and painting. As a young adult, he explored drafting and design. Once he discovered jewelry making, he dove into it. He started taking every class available, including workshops with the likes of Heiki Seppa, James Meyer at VCU, Jean Stark, and Doug Zaruba. He has combined these learning experiences with independent study and experimentation to develop his own signature style.

Designer Hoops
Gold Earrings

by Ben Dyer
$ 699
New Leaf Earrings
Gold Earrings

by Ben Dyer
$ 495
Wind in the Leaves Brooch
Gold & Stone Brooch

by Ben Dyer
$ 3,750
Gold Hoops
Gold Earrings

by Ben Dyer
$ 695
Waterfall Earrings
Gold Earrings

by Ben Dyer
$ 665
Selected Exhibitions & Awards
Smithsonian Craft Fair, Washington, DC, USA, Washington, DC, 1991, 1993
Baltimore ACC Craftfair, Baltimore, Md., USA, Convention Center, Most years 1980 to present
Winterpark Sidewalk Art Festival, Winterpark, FL., USA, Winterpark, Fl., 1980, 1985, 1990, 1995
Sausalito Art Festival, Sausalito, Ca., USA, Sausalito, Ca., 1992, 1995
Longs Park Art & Crafts Festival, Lancaster, Pa., USA, Lancaster, Pa., Most years from 1994