Lindsay Locatelli

Wazo Designs by Lindsay Locatelli

"What attracts me to jewelry is the idea that you can create functional and conceptual work on a small scale that is also mobile with the body. I like the idea of blending function with ornamentation and expressing oneself."

Jewelry artist Lindsay Locatelli describes her work as whimsical, bright, and bold. Locatelli is interested in capturing the spirit of landscapes and the surrounding subjects. For example, her use of color and forms come from things like birch bark, panoramic blue skies, vast deserts, and deep, jagged copper canyons. The results of these inspirations are colorful, dynamic pieces of wearable art.

Locatelli enjoys creating each component of her work by hand, from silver elements to hand-built clay forms and carved wood. She is always researching new materials to work with and new processes to expand upon.

Lindsay Locatelli began as a graphic design major at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. She then shifted from working on paper to constructing semi-functional objects. After changing her major to furniture design, Locatelli went on to graduate with a BFA. Locatelli has worked with her uncle, furniture maker Dean Pulver, and she draws inspiration from her aunt, ceramic artist Abby Salsbury.

Medium Orbit Hoops
Silver & Polymer Clay Earrings

by Lindsay Locatelli
$ 120
Large Orbit Hoops
Silver & Polymer Clay Earrings

by Lindsay Locatelli
$ 140
Spiky Hoops
Polymer Clay Earrings

by Lindsay Locatelli
$ 180
Selected Exhibitions & Awards
Gifts in the Gallery, Bloomington, Minnesota, USA, Bloomington Center for the Arts, 2015
Craft Hop , Minneapolis, MN USA, American Craft Council Headquarters, 2015
Artist Jewelry Mart, Minneapolis, MN USA, Walker Art Center, 2015
Fall Opening Show, Edina, MN USA, Gallery 360, 2015
Inaugural Opening , Algoma, WI USA, James May Gallery, 2015
Craft Council Show, St. Paul, MN USA, Convention Center, 2015
Craft Council Show, Baltimore, MD, Convention Center, 2015
Gallery 360, 3011 W 50th St, Edina, MN USA, 2014-15
James May Gallery, 213 Steele St, Algoma, WI USA, 2015
Lillstreet Gallery, 4401 N Ravenswood Ave, Chicago, IL USA, 2015