Judi Tavill

Judi Tavill Ceramics

"When I create, I choose to reimagine, rather than replicate, my memories of beautiful shapes and textures that I have observed in nature."

Tavill's work draws from her frequent travel and exploration. Coastal discoveries, woodland finds, and lush flora influence her creative process. Nature's designs and patterns establish a rich foundation for her studio practice. Tavill feels drawn to clay as a medium because of its unique malleability, which allows surface and structure to meld together in the creation of a piece.

Tavill begins by throwing stoneware clay on the pottery wheel. Then, she adds white porcelain slip to the surface and proceeds to texture or smooth the slip by hand. The artist's signature "JT" stamp is applied. After bisque firing, clear glaze is added to the interior and discriminately applied to the surface, creating a subtle glisten, reminiscent of moisture as it emerges from the glaze firing.

Tavill received her BFA from Washington University in St. Louis. After early success as a fashion and textile print designer, she discovered clay, which has been her passion ever since. She began her ceramics education in community art center classes and went on to participate in a variety of extended workshops with wonderful instructors such as Takeshi Yasuda, Chris Staley, and Chris Gustin.

Selected Exhibitions & Awards
Philadelphia Museum of Art Contemporary Craft Show, Pennsylvania Convention Center, Philadelphia, PA USA, 2016
The Clay Studio National II, The Clay Studio , Philadelphia, PA, USA, 2016
De La Naturaleza, Sherrie Riley Hawk Juror, Franklin Park Conservatory, Columbus, Ohio, USA, 2016
CUP: The Intimate Object XII, Charlie Cummings Gallery, Chapel Hill, NC, USA, 2016
American Craft Show Baltimore, Baltimore Convention Center, Baltimore, MD, USA, 2017
International Cup 2014, The Clay Studio of Missoula, Missoula, Montana, USA, 2014
Medalta International Cup Show, Carole Epp Juror, Medalta, Medecine Hat, Alberta, Canada, 2013
SKA Architects, Steven Kahle Architect, Annapolis, Maryland, USA, 2014
Damien Fertility Partners, East Coast IVF, Shrewsbury, New Jersey, USA, 2015