Cheryl Rydmark

"I was drawn to the process of goldsmithing like a moth to flame. The torch and tools have an ancient connection for me, and the idea of creating something lasting and intimate that can be worn, shared, and passed on for generations brings me incredible satisfaction. "

There is a timelessness to Cheryl Rydmark's work. Inspired by the transitory and imperfect beauty in nature, she conveys her artistic vision with technical mastery and a delicate touch. Her modern aesthetic resonates with an elemental simplicity and a sensuality reminiscent of ancient jewelry, while the materials allow her to transcribe the temporal into intimate art forms.

Through forging and fabricating, Rydmark creates unique work. The richly textured silver and gold surfaces emit a rustic shimmer, while the roll-printed surfaces each contain a one-of-a-kind impression. All of this is brought together in finely wrought, ethically sourced, and distinctive jewelry.

Rydmark began her jewelry making career in high school, then studied painting at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design and metalsmithing at the University of Minnesota. During her senior year, she moved to San Francisco and continued her studies at San Francisco State University and the Revere Academy. Her longest held and favorite job was as a bench jeweler at Van Craeynest in San Francisco.

Petal Jewelry
Gold, Silver & Stone Jewelry

$ 180 - $ 425
Selected Exhibitions & Awards
Contemporary Enamel, Berkeley, CA, Shibumi Gallery, 2016
The Art of Gold, Sacramento, CA, Crocker Museum, 2003
Double Vision, Racine, WI, Wustum Museum, 1995
The American Hand - 50 years of craft, St. Paul, MN, Minnesota Museum of Art, 1993
Excellence in Jewelry, Minneapolis, MN, American Craft Council Show, 1989
American Craft Council Show, Baltimore. MD, Baltimore Convention Center, 2019
Wusum Art Museum, Racine, WI, Racine, WI, 1995