Ciao Mao

"As a designer, I have always had a special interest in shoe design, and I have always believed that shoes should be considered more than mere fashion accessories...The well-being of the foot should be attended to completely."

Ciao Mao was born out of founder Priscila Callegari's depth of questioning about the fashion industry and the reach of design. How do we unite beauty and comfort? How do we approach Brazilian handcraft and the industry? How do we bring sustainability to the creative process? And how do we respect our identities and foster our own diversity?

Ciao Mao answers these questions by creating original shoes that play with customizable styling, innovative construction, and intriguing fabrications. It's footwear that not only melds seamlessly with our day-to-day lives, but also expresses what sets our unique personalities apart. Each pair of shoes is crafted in Brazil for the highest quality and comfort, with a premium placed on using sustainable materials and processes.