Katie Re Scheidt

"Composition is one of my favorite elements of painting, and I really consider the variation of marks that I make so that the viewer's eye travels across the entire canvas and doesn't just land flatly on one thing. In my work, I hope the viewer sees something new each time they look at the painting. My work is lyrical and uplifting, but not without evidence of struggle."

Much like improv, Katie Re Scheidt's canvases are unscripted and often left in a state of dynamic incompletion. Trusting her inner voice and putting her ego away, she can flood color, make marks, react honestly, and support choices, having no specified goal. It's about letting ideas flow with the suspension of judgment.

Working first with layers of saturated acrylic and gouache, Scheidt uses palette knives and large brushes to move the paint energetically across the canvas. The artist then begins layering oils, often with oil sticks. Turning her canvas as she paints, Scheidt constantly evaluates the composition, assuring that the viewer's eye will flow continuously across the painting.

At sixteen, Scheidt studied academic drawing at Studio Cecil Graves in Florence, Italy, under Cessna Decosimo. Scheidt majored in psychology and fine arts at Georgetown University. While working on Wall Street during her thirteen-year career as an equity sales trader, Scheidt took painting classes at School of Visual Arts in New York. She has also taken workshops with Jenny Nelson, Ira Barkoff, David Shevlino, and Catherine Kehoe.

Ruby IV
Acrylic Painting

by Katie Re Scheidt
$ 1,800
Acrylic Painting

by Katie Re Scheidt
$ 2,200
Roman Holiday
Acrylic Painting

by Katie Re Scheidt
$ 2,800
Selected Exhibitions & Awards
Open The Door (Solo Show), Washington Depot, CT, USA, The Judy Black Memorial Park & Gardens, 2018
A Point of Departure (Solo Show), Roxbury, CT, USA, Minor Memorial Library, 2017
Clothing Optional (Solo Show), Woodbury, CT, USA, Good News Cafe & Gallery, 2016
Abstract Vignettes (Group Show), Greenwich, CT, USA, SM Home Gallery, 2017
NWCT Open Your Eyes Studio Tour, Roxbury, CT, USA, Northwest Connecticut, 2015