Martin Ehrensvard

"I have been a creator for as long as I can remember, building structures out of blocks, clay, and paper. I thrive in creative environments that are raw and physical, places that require the focus and strength of my body and mind. This is why I love the art glass process. Glass is born in a dance of sand, fire, and metal that fuels the spirit of my inner caveman. "

When Martin Ehrensvard works with glass, he gets into a state of flow. He is one with the elements, like an eagle carried by and trusting the wind. With a curious mindset, he develops new patterns that possess a depth that goes beyond the surface of the transparent glass. His work is a celebration of color, and he draws inspiration from Impressionist and fractal art.

Ehrensvard begins his process by stretching layers of colored glass into pencil-thin canes. He then sketches out his ideas, strolling his pen over a blank canvas to determine the most captivating curves. Through techniques that he has pioneered, he bends the glass to match those curves. Finally, he constructs a puzzle out of the pieces, and the composition is blown and shaped into a bowl, vessel, or sculpture.

Ehrensvard has pursued glass relentlessly since he was fifteen years old. He has studied the craft through intensive internships in more than six countries, working with masters such as Tobias Mohl, David Patchen, and Davide Salvadore. He currently runs the studio at Palo Alto High School, where he has taught hundreds of students to blow glass and fall in love with the process. He gets inspired by inspiring others.

Elephant II
Art Glass Sculpture

$ 580
Art Glass Sculpture

$ 1,200
Art Glass Sculpture

$ 700
Fruit Bowl
Art Glass Bowl

$ 560
Blue Bird
Art Glass Sculpture

$ 550
Surreal Moose
Art Glass Sculpture

$ 1,080