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Boyan Moskov

Boyan Pottery

"I strive to create colorful and creative work that you can live with everyday. Bold color balanced with grounded design adds a pop to your living room, kitchen table, even your cup of coffee. "

Moskov describes his process of creating as organic and fluid. It's never one thing that he focuses on. "I see a symbol on a billboard, the texture of bark, a color at my son's daycare and I bring all these elements together in my work. The work is always swimming in my mind, I constantly have ideas and combinations I want to experiment with and then one day I open the kiln and 'pow' there it is!"

Moskov throws his pieces on the wheel and then stamps or carves in each design. He glazes each item in a multi-step process, which includes dipping in the base/neutral glaze first, and then wiping off the glaze so it remains in the recesses and exposes the dark clay body. The artist then uses a bulb syringe to apply each individual color element.

Moskov grew up in Bulgaria and attended a boarding school in Troyan, Bulgaria which specialized in arts education. He went on to study at the Sofia Art Academy, also in Bulgaria, before studying and working in Linkoping, Sweden. Moskov continues to develop his skill with practice and experimentation.

Selected Exhibitions & Awards
League of New Hampshire Craftsmen, Newbury, NH, Living with Craft, 2011
New Hampshire Potters Guild, Concord, NH, Kimball Jenkins School of Art, 2009
League of NH Craftsmen, Newbury, NH, Living with Craft, 2009
League of New Hampshire Craftsmen, Newbury, NH, Living with Craft, 2012

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