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Frances Solar

"I find the play of masculine materials with traditional feminine techniques endlessly entertaining and challenging. It is very satisfying to transcend the inherent qualities of the rigid metallic materials and create forms that are sensual and flowing in appearance."

Frances Solar loves the challenge of working with all the weird junk that she has collected (or been given) over the years and then re-inventing new uses and combinations so they can be hung on a wall. The three dimensional pieces use brilliant color, bold patterns, textures and unique manipulated forms, allowing for an improvised design process.

Solar has been a traditional weaver and textile artist for many years, and applying the same techniques and ideas to industrial materials is a natural progression of her work. The artist uses loom weaving, plaiting, and quilting techniques to create her sculptural metal vessels and wall pieces. Copper is her primary material; she likes its malleability and wide range of color possibilities.

Frances Solar is mostly self-taught as a weaver and metal artist. Her degree in Interior Design, University of Manitoba gave her an excellent training in color and design.

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Plaited Basket
Metal Sculpture
by Frances Solar
$ 500
Vessel #7
Metal Vessel
by Frances Solar
$ 650
Scrapyard Quilt 1
Metal Wall Art
by Frances Solar
$ 5,000
Scrapyard Quilt 2
Metal Wall Art
by Frances Solar
$ 4,120
Vessel #3
Metal Vessel
by Frances Solar
$ 500
Vessel #4
Metal Vessel
by Frances Solar
$ 750
Selected Exhibitions & Awards
Squamish Mother of Wind group show,, Whistler,BC Canada, Scotia Creek Gallery, 2012
Up, Up and Away,astronomy exhibit, West Vancouver, BC, Canada, Silk Purse Gallery, 2010
Contain, vessels and the art of Containment, Pittsburgh, PA USA, Luke and Eloy Gallery, 2010
Off The Floor, online exhibit, USA, www.crafthaus.ning.com, 2010
2014 Niche Awards,finalist, Philadelphia,USA, Buyer's Market, 2014
2014 Niche Awards,winner, Philadelphia,USA, Buyers Market, 2014
The Reclaimers, a group show using recycled materials, North Vancouver,BC,Canada, Cityscape Gallery, 2014
2015 Niche Award,winner, DC, Washington, 2015
3 Vessels,art collection, Westin Grand Hotel, Vancouver BC,Canada, 2011
Donor Wall Art Piece, Squamish Public Library, Squamish, BC Canada, 1999