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Katherine Greene

"I paint energy, the energy of color. It is a process of give and take, unconscious and deliberate, spontaneous and intuitive. A layering of color, marks and gestures create the illusion of space. The space between the shapes is the unknowable, the timeless. It is a dance, a movement back and forth, adding and subtracting, painting over and building up the surface with sparks of energy."

Abstract painter Katherine Greene describes her work as an exploration of color as it relates to a feeling, a thought or an idea. It is a dynamic, intuitive process as each painting evolves and changes giving life to something completely unexpected. The creative power of the subconscious mind is brought to the surface as the space is energized with color and texture.

Katherine creates a foundation with the application of many layers of gesso, texture and paint. The paint is applied directly from the tube and color mixing is done on the canvas. This gives the color its luminosity and transparency. Much of her painting process involves non-judgmental observation and serves to create a distance from the work.

After receiving a BA degree in Sociology at CSU, Humboldt, Katherine then completed graduate studies in Art History, Drawing, Painting and Graphic Design. Her work is included in the corporate collections at HDR Engineering, The Lodge at Sonoma and McWilliams Ballard Law Offices in Washington, DC. In addition, Katherine has placed her work with private collectors in the US and Europe.

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