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Suzanne Q Evon

Q Evon Design

"Each piece is as unique as the individual who chooses to wear my designs."

Suzanne Q Evon has always created work that reflects a love for ancient metalwork and architecture. In her Treasures Collection, each component is a small, individual sculpture, linked to the next with chain, and often features recycled and reclaimed metal shown in a new way

With an emphasis on texture, Evon incorporates sterling silver, 24k fused gold, 18k vermeil, 18k tubing, and subtle diamond accents. By using a variety of methods, including reticulation, anti-clastic raising, acid etching, granulation, roller printing and the ancient art of keum-bo, Evon creates each piece as a rich metal tapestry.

While attending Parsons School of Design, Evon discovered that her greatest skill was in wax carving. After ten years of production, the artist realized that she needed to expand her skills to move in a new artistic direction. Evon began studying privately with a master metalsmith and continues this study today.

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