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Victor Chiarizia

"Glass is fluid and alive. It challenges me. I challenge it."

As a first generation Italian-American, Victor Chiarizia is influenced by a tradition and culture that embraces the handmade. Renowned for his innovative designs and use of striking colors, he explores sculptural shapes in glass using traditional Venetian and developed glassblowing techniques.

Much of Chiarizia's work is created using the incalmo technique, which was developed by Venetian master glassblowers 500 years ago. In adapting this ancient technique of assembling horizontal stripes of color from "cups" of glass, Chiarizia creates vibrant and striking color combinations of vertical and diagonal bands.

Featured in:
Contemporary Glass: Color, Light & Form

  • Artwork
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Art Glass Sculpture
by Victor Chiarizia
$ 660
"Swan Neck Alto Set"
Art Glass Sculpture
by Victor Chiarizia
$ 1,184
"Curvasi Series"
Art Glass Sculpture
by Victor Chiarizia
$ 874