Dawn Estrin

Dawn Estrin/Bijou Graphique

"My work presents the natural world as seen through a prism of fantasy and mystery."

Dawn Estrin's love of animals and nature inform much of her subject matter. Using a variety of creative computer tools, the artist combines elements into an illustrative photo-montage. Estrin loves the idea of using jewelry as a vehicle for presenting imagery with universal or archetypal suggestions.

Each jewelry design starts with an original hand built model. Estrin incorporates engraving, stamps, and patterned metal into the pieces. The unusual shapes that contain the imagery are based on special tooling that is handmade in her studio. Estrin is influenced by a number of decorative arts styles, most notably Art Deco.

Dawn Estrin considers herself fortunate to have studied jewelry making at the Cleveland Institute of Art during junior high and high school. The artist also has a BFA, majoring in painting and drawing.

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