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Lynne Taetzsch


"My art is about energy, discovery, and improvisation. It's the painting surface that I love--the lusciousness of color in its thick and thin varieties, flat and opaque to keep the eye on the surface, or transparent and airy to suggest deep space. My goal is to stay as close to the edge as possible, to keep that sense of organic happening as if the painting had grown itself."

Lynne Taetzsch says her work was influenced in the 1960s by the New York School of abstract expressionists or "action painters." What drew her to this work was its sense of improvisation, high energy, and an emphasis on the painting process. Instead of using paint to carry out a visual idea, she discovers the visual idea through the process of creating it.

Acrylic is the perfect medium for Lynne because it dries quickly. She works on a painting over many days, adding layers that accumulate without totally eradicating the previous images. She paints standing up at an easel, listening to jazz, classical, or rock and roll. The process of painting in broad gestures with a brush or palette knife gives her work its sense of intense energy.

At Rutgers University, USC, and UCLA, Lynne took classes in painting, print-making, drawing and pottery. But the biggest influence on her art was at Cooper Union in New York City, where she had classes in calligraphy, architectonics, one and two dimensional design, life drawing, and painting. This is when her work gradually became more abstract, with an intense focus on color and composition.

Selected Exhibitions & Awards
Patterns in Abstract Art, Auburn, NY, USA, Cayuga Museum of History and Art, 2009
The New Abstractions, Nyack, NY, USA, Hopper House Art Center, 2007
Permanent Collection, Educational Testing Service, Princeton, NJ, USA, 2010
Permanent Collection, Let's Gel, Inc., Austin, TX, USA, 2010
Permanent Collection, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Boston, MA, USA, 2010

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