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Michael Egan

"I employ cane material in my vessels as a painter uses brush strokes, each piece of cane acting as a gesture of color."

Each piece of glass Michael Egan creates is made of solid glass cane material that he designs and produces in his studio. Combining different styles of cane yields a variety of woven or tapestry surfaces and introduces secondary colors and detailed patterns within the walls of the blown glass pieces. The results are at once controlled and serendipitous, distinguished by a painterly, watercolor sensibility.

Recently, Egan began slumping and fusing cane to explore abstract two-dimensional designs and lighting elements. This natural evolution of his creative process has led him to invent new forms of surface design while still working with hot glass.

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Red Cane Egg
Art Glass Sculpture
by Michael Egan
$ 80
Fireworks Tumbler
Art Glass Tumblers
by Michael Egan
$ 60
Murrini Vase
Art Glass Vase
by Michael Egan
$ 1,400
Ocean Reef Paperweight
Art Glass Paperweight
by Michael Egan
$ 125 - $ 225
Ocean Reef Paperweight Egg
Art Glass Paperweight
by Michael Egan
$ 125 - $ 225
Art Glass Goblet
by Michael Egan
$ 80 - $ 300
Marble Cordial Glass
Art Glass Glasses
by Michael Egan
$ 70 - $ 265
Love Cordials
Art Glass Glasses
by Michael Egan
$ 70
Selected Exhibitions & Awards
Helen Day Art Center, Stowe, VT, 2000
Phoenix Rising Gallery, Seattle, WA, 1998