Judith Neugebauer

"A 'previous life' in classical ballet and theater instilled within me a deep awareness of and appreciation for movement, line, and balance. These are the classical qualities I have always tried to incorporate into my jewelry designs... and in my life."

Judith Neugebauer has been a maker of jewelry since 1974. Prior to this, she was trained in classical ballet, having studied extensively with the American Ballet Theater in New York City. She performed professionally in the ballet corps at Radio City Music Hall and with the New Jersey Ballet Company, as well as in musical theater productions throughout the country for ten years.

Though the Oriental aesthetics learned through her work in clay still play a role in the design of Judith Neugebauer's jewelry, classical ballet is her most prominent influence. Her understanding of balance and form, which she gained through years of moving her body into complex, stunningly graceful positions, is found in abundance throughout her engaging work.

Neugebauer's jewelry is made of die-formed, brushed sterling silver with an overlay of 23K gold leaf applied in sweeping, calligraphic strokes. Many pieces are enhanced with beautiful freshwater pearls and Australian boulder opals set in 22K gold. Recently, she has made extensive use of oxidized and sandblasted sterling silver to create a rich charcoal-black patina that contrasts even more dramatically with 23K gold lines.

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