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Lela Kay

Lela Kay Fine Art

"Intuition and instinct play the biggest role in my abstract paintings. Each painting is a spontaneous journey that begins with bursts of color and shapes, many times without a preconceived idea or plan. I am curious to see what will emerge on my canvas - what is inside of me waiting to be expressed. My goal is to capture feelings and ideas which are free and uninhibited, to create a dialogue with the viewer."

Lela Kay uses paint, shapes and texture to create emotions on canvas - something that cannot be captured with words alonge.. Each painting is based on an intuitive decision that enables her to create beyond the tangible - to extend the infinite out of the finite. Her paintings are a journey into the subconscious and the unknown waiting to be expressed with color, shapes and composition.

Kay paints ala prima, without a plan, directly on the canvas, using primarily oil paint and oil sticks. She uses many different tools to achieve desired effects, including brushes, trowels and rollers. She begins by laying down the compositional framework and then develops the painting.

Lela Kay is a life long artist who began as a representational artist, and is now working abstractly. She studied at the Arts Student League of Denver with abstract artist Dale Chisman, has taken workshops with Richardo Mazal and taken classes with Amy Metier.

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Color Vibes
Oil Painting
by Lela Kay
$ 2,150
Red Rover, Red Rover
Oil Painting
by Lela Kay
$ 2,150
Red Paradigm
Oil Painting
by Lela Kay
$ 3,300
Oil Painting
by Lela Kay
$ 1,200
El Capitan
Oil Painting
by Lela Kay
$ 1,800
Golden Pond
Oil Painting
by Lela Kay
$ 3,600
Rhapsody in Red
Oil Painting
by Lela Kay
$ 4,100
Oil Painting
by Lela Kay
$ 1,000
Oil Painting
by Lela Kay
$ 3,600
Selected Exhibitions & Awards
Cherry Creek Arts Festival, Denver, Colorado, Denver, 2006
Curtis Arts and Humanities Center, Greenwood Village, Colorado, Greenwood Village, 2007
Mizel Musem Show, Dever, Colorado, Denver, 2007, 2008, 2009
Community College of Denver, Denver, Colorado , Denver, 2008
The American Art Collector, New York, New York, publication, 2011