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Linda Lamore

Linda Lamore Artworks

"It's all about the color."

Linda Lamore has always been intrigued by the way light plays across the surface of colors and how the colors are perceived. Working primarily as an abstract painter, she has developed her own style of applying layer upon layer of oil paint with a palette knife, creating rich color fields on canvas.

In Lamore's paintings the colors refract and break apart, showing multiple layers of color that move and dance across the surface.

Lamore also applies this technique to the surface of flamed copper and powder-coated aluminum to create clocks with subtle blends of color and value, giving them a texture that is both peaceful and bold.

Linda Lamore graduated with a B.F.A. from San Diego State University, where she majored in painting and sculpture. After receiving her teaching credential, she taught art, 3-D design, and ceramics for six years. Her longing to produce art full time and to slow down and feel connected to a community led her and her family to Ashland, Oregon.

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Wide Pendulum Clock
Painted Metal Clock
by Linda Lamore
$ 170
Pendulum Clock
Painted Metal Clock
by Linda Lamore
$ 280
Wall Clock
Painted Metal Clock
by Linda Lamore
$ 110
Copper Forest Blend...
Painted Metal Clock
by Linda Lamore
$ 380