A. Andrew Chulyk

"People often ask me where I get my ideas. I never know how to answer that question without getting into a long story about my Ukrainian heritage and the fact that my early relatives lived near a 12th-century trade route."

A. Andrew Chulyk's sculptural boxes are known more for their look than their function. His unique blending of Ancient Egyptian and Asian motifs with Art Deco design makes them appear not to be boxes at all, but more like miniature temples, sculptures, or sacred vessels. His unusual blending of colors and metallic finishes, however, is the true signature of his work. "I think of my boxes as meditations on color and form. They evoke mystery, elicit feeling and invite touch," says the artist.

Machined from cabinet-grade MDF board, they are laboriously sanded by hand to define their shape, detail, and exactness of fit. Hand sanding continues through the surface filling/sealing process and between each of the three successive coats of automotive primer that lead to the final painting. The result is a smooth, flawless finish that is often mistaken for metal. Sizes range from small keepsakes to large multi-sectional pieces.