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For more than 30 years, we have been successfully connecting artists with thousands of customers who buy and commission artwork. We can help put your work in the hands and homes of art lovers across North America.

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Interested in becoming part of Artful Home? Click below and we'll guide you through the jury application process. Once you begin, you can save your progress and return to the application at any time.

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how it works

Step 1: Application. When you apply to be juried by our panel, we ask you to submit your artist statement plus images and information about your artwork.

Step 2: Jury Process. Once you apply, your artwork will be evaluated by our jurying panel, which meets quarterly.

Step 3: Notification of Jury Results. As a juried website, Artful Home does not accept every application. You will hear from us about your application after our next quarterly jury meeting. If accepted, you will finish setting up your account and start selling your work. Artists who are not accepted may always apply again with a different portfolio of artwork.

the benefits

We focus on what we do best, so you can focus on your art. From customer care to merchandising and marketing, our experienced team members are dedicated to your success.

We support our artists with active, direct marketing. Through catalogs, email campaigns, and other channels, we have one goal: to sell our artists' work. We are constantly seeking out new ways to reach art lovers and buyers.

It's easy to set prices and get paid. You set your own prices and receive 50% of the retail price for every piece sold. There are never any fees, and we handle shipping costs—you only pay for packaging.

You are always in good company. Every artist on our website has been juried to ensure a collection of exceptional quality.

frequently asked questions

  • Who is on your jury?
    • Our jury is comprised of members of the Artful Home merchandising team.
  • What criteria does your jury use?
    • When jurying artwork for inclusion to Artful Home, our panel looks for work that:

      • Exhibits creativity and originality in approach and/or concept
      • Possess exceptional aesthetic qualities
      • Exhibits excellent craftsmanship and technical mastery
      • Comes from a consistent body of work with a sense of artistic integrity
      • Is not a copy or knock‐off of another artist's work
      • Represents diverse perspectives, identities, and creative traditions
      • Is made by the artist in the United States
  • How am I notified of jury results? Can I reapply if I am not accepted?
    • As a juried website, Artful Home does not accept every application. The Artful Home jury meets quarterly (every 3 months) to review new artwork and artists. Once you submit your application, you will hear from us after the next jury meeting (which could be up to 3 months).

      If you are accepted, you will be given the information needed to get started selling work at Artful Home. You must finish setting up your account and submit work within four months of acceptance.

      If you are not accepted, you may always apply again with a different portfolio of artwork.
  • Once my work is juried onto, may I add any piece of work that I choose?
    • Once you are accepted by Artful Home, you can submit new work to the site at any point. Our merchandisers review all new artwork and reserve the right to edit or reject submissions.
  • How will my work be featured at
    • As an Artful Home artist, you will have your own Artist Profile page on, showing your artist statement, resume of achievements and awards, and artwork.

      Your work will be searchable from within our site, and may be featured in collections through our online marketing efforts. We will also market your work through our search engine marketing program.

      Your work may also be chosen to be featured in our email marketing, catalogs, on our website homepage and landing pages, and through print publicity materials.
  • Does this entitle me to be in the Artful Home catalog?
    • Being accepted to sell through does not automatically mean your work will be featured in a catalog. All Artful Home artists are eligible for catalog participation, but the decision of which artwork to feature is left exclusively to our catalog team.
  • Can I be in the catalog without being on your website?
    • No. Our catalog only features artists who have been accepted by our jury and have work for sale on our website.
  • How much control will I have over my work?
    • A great deal. You will be able to upload your own images, set your own retail prices, deactivate works of art, update your artist’s information, and change your prices whenever you want.

      Changes are reviewed by our merchandising team before going into effect, but we respect our artists’ wishes in how their work is presented.
  • Why should I choose Artful Home over other websites?
    • Unlike many companies, Artful Home supports its artists with direct mail catalogs, email marketing, search engine optimization and paid marketing, and a website that attracts over 1.5 million visitors annually.

      Plus, with more than 30 years of experience, we have become known for the high-quality offerings of our juried collection and for our exceptional customer service. As part of Artful Home, you will benefit from the reputation and trust we’ve built with our customer base over the years.

      Also, note that as an Artful Home artist, you are still free to sell your work through other website and venues. We just ask that you use the same pricing structure with us as you use in other channels.
  • How should I write my artist statement/bio?
    • Our customers love hearing about you—so we feature your artist statement at the top of your Artist Profile page. We ask all of our artists to follow a standard format when writing their artist statement. You can find more details about writing and formatting your artist statement here.
  • What are professional quality images?
    • Beautiful photography is absolutely essential for selling your artwork online—and a prerequisite for having your work featured in marketing materials such as emails. We recommend having your work photographed by a professional with experience shooting artwork in your medium.

      The goal of these photographs is to give customers the best possible view of your piece. There should be nothing to distract viewers from the work. The piece should be well-lit to highlight its best features, without hard shadows or excessive flash reflections. Ensure that your photographer uses a clean, neutral background (e.g. a white, black, or gradated sweep), rather than a textured backdrop or elaborate room setting. If your work is 3-D, ask your photographer to take shots from several angles; having alternate images is very helpful for customers.

      Every image file should be:
      • A high-quality JPG
      • sRGB color (not CMYK)
      • A minimum of 72 DPI
      • Under 10MB in file size
      • At least 2400 pixels on the longest side
      • Not interpolated (or "upsized")

      Read more about why and how to use professional photography.
  • Professional photography is expensive. Can I just take photos with my phone?
    • If you don't think you can afford good photography, consider the high costs of poor photography. No matter how amazing your work is in person, if your online images are low quality, customers tend to assume that the work is also low quality. Great photography, on the other hand, shows how wonderful your work truly is and gives customers a chance to fall in love with it.

      In the long run, the quality of your photography has a direct impact on your sales. Because it is so important, we recommend including photography in your overhead costs, and factoring it in when determining the pricing of your artwork.

      Read more about why and how to use professional photography.
  • What information do you need about my artwork?
    • Though a beautiful image can sometimes sell a work of art on its own, a complete, accurate description is often times just as essential. Our customers not only need to know the materials and size of your piece, they also love hearing about your techniques and inspiration.

      Though the specifics vary from medium to medium, the following should be included in every product description:
      • All materials that make up the piece (as specifically as possible)
      • All pertinent dimensions (height, width, depth, etc.)
      • Techniques used to make the piece
      • The ideas or inspiration behind the work, or any special information relevant to its creation

      Read more about artwork information requirements.
  • If I am selected for a catalog, do I have to provide a sample and ship it at my expense?
    • If your work is featured in a catalog, we may ask for a photo sample, and if so, it will be shipped on the Artful Home UPS account, paid for by Artful Home. We do not purchase photo samples; they will be returned to you.

      Note that we sometimes use artists' own photos in the catalog. In these cases, we do not need a sample.
  • If I have difficulty loading images or deactivating work, is there someone to help me aHome?
    • Yes, always—we pride ourselves on being a true partner in selling your work. Our staff is available during normal work hours (CST) to assist you with any problems or questions. Just call us at 877-256-6706 or email
  • Can I load a video on my Artist Profile Page showing how I make my artwork?
    • Yes, you can upload videos directly to your Artist Profile page or any individual product page. All videos are subject to approval.
  • If I set the price, what do I receive from Artful Home when a work is sold? Areimbursed for packing costs?
    • Like a typical gallery arrangement, we will split the sale with you 50/50. We cover the cost of shipping, but you will have to purchase your own packing materials (e.g. boxes, bubble wrap, tissue paper, etc.). Be sure to factor the cost of shipping materials into your price.

      If you are shipping a large work that requires crating, we ask that you list that cost in addition to the cost of your item. We will reimburse you for the entire cost of crating.

      Remember, you have full control in setting the price of your artwork—but if you would like guidance on pricing, we are happy to help! Contact our Artist Services Team at 877-256-6706 or email
  • What happens to my pricing when you have sales?
    • Throughout the year, we have a variety of sale events. When we choose to offer discounts, the discount comes out of our half of the pricing—never yours. So you can rest assured that you will get paid your full amount even when we offer sales. Note that our semiannual Studio Sale works a bit differently (see next question).
  • What about Studio Sale?
    • Studio Sale is a voluntary event in which artists have the opportunity to liquidate pieces at a discounted price. If you choose to participate, you get to set your discounted price. We still split the sale 50/50 like usual.
  • When do I get paid for a work that I have shipped to a customer?
    • You will receive your payment approximately 30 days after the ship date.
  • What happens when a customer orders my work?
    • First, we'll send you an email letting you know that an order has been placed. Then, you can view, manage, and commit to your order in the Artist Center. Once your piece is created, packaged, and ready to ship, you can print the shipping label from the Artist Center. The shipping cost is automatically charged to Artful Home. You are responsible for getting your shipments to the carrier.
  • What happens if a customer returns my work?
    • We accept returns for any reason within 14 days of delivery. All returns will be sent to you. Neither you nor Artful Home receives payment for a returned item.

      If your work happens to get damaged during the return process, save the packing materials for inspection by the carrier. We insure all our shipments, and we will reimburse artists in the case of a successful claim.
Other questions? Call our Artist Services Team at 877-256-6706 or email