Aleksandra Vali

"My art reflects my feeling of unity of shapes and contrast of textures, which I would like to infuse into your life."

Working with gold and silver allows Aleksandra Vali to experiment with creating new techniques and making the most out of three-dimensional form. She is able to bring her former physical knowledge of working clay into jewelry through carving, casting, and smithing. Aleksandra is intrigued with the complexity of edges, textures, and mixed materials.

Aleksandra's favorite techniques are carving, casting, riveting, oxidizing, etching, and metalsmithing. This variety of techniques allows her to combine silver and gold with different materials such as coral, pearls, textile, and lava, bringing an endless source of inspiration and enjoyment. Aleksandra believes that fine cut precious stones emphasize the rough textures of the materials.

After Aleksandra Vali received a Masters degree from Novosibirisk State University in Novosibirisk, Russia, she worked as a ceramic artist for seven years. Through clay, she learned to feel for the perfect shape, balance her design, and contrast texture. The artist experienced success as her work was widely accepted in Russia and exhibited internationally. When she came to the US, Aleksandra was introduced to metal as a medium and it was with metal that she found her true passion. For Aleksandra, metal provides the opportunity to create unusual and creative pieces that show her individual approach, skill, and flare.

Selected Exhibitions & Awards
SOFA, Chicago, United States, 2016
Maison and Object, Paris, France, 2001
International Jewelry Exhibit Pin and Brooch, Toronto, Canada, 2013
KADO Gifts Fair, Leipzig , Germany, 1998
NICH Award Multiple Winner, Philadelphia, United States, 2011-2013
Aaron Faber / Jewelry as Sculpture, New York, United States, 2016
Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia, United States, 2016
Novosibirisk Natural History Museum, Novosibirisk, Russia, 2009
Evansville Museum of Arts, History, Evansville, IN , USA, 2019
Marietta Cobb Museum of Art, Atlanta, GA, USA, 2020