"At Alembika, we would like you to feel comfortable with your body, not the body you're working on, fantasizing about, or wish to have—the one you have right now."

Founded in 2005 by Hagar Alembik and Judith Fadlon, Alembika designs with the modern woman in mind, combining unique piecing and a comfortable fit for flattering styling steeped in distinction.

Crafted and designed in Israel, each piece is constructed to help the wearer navigate an ever-evolving world. Styling is meant to be adaptable, with just a hint of urban flair. Alembika achieves this through its inventive use of form, color, and texture—the resulting apparel is filled with movement and vitality, with the intention of instilling the wearer with comfortable confidence.

Hagar Alembik is a graduate of the Shenkar School of Engineering, Design, and Art in Israel. Judith Fadlon is a doctor of anthropology. Alembika's distinctive designs can be found around the world, available in boutiques from Ireland to Australia.