Alexan Cerna and Gina Tackett

Alexan Cerna

"Each of our pieces is unique and represents the stylish wearer in her statement of individuality. "

To Alexan Cerna and Gina Tackett, repurposing is a wonderful exploration of finding used bullet casings that would otherwise end up in a landfill, and recycling the brass, copper, and steel into beautiful, wearable jewelry. When these transformed materials are juxtaposed with unique precious stones, it creates an opportunity to design fascinating, powerful jewels.

The artists enjoy transposing the casings with natural objects and stones that signify inner peace and power. Emphasizing the careful role of day-to-day observation, this collection is an ongoing collage of expression.

The natural marks on the casings are balanced with the quality techniques of jewelry making, creating an interesting mark of nature. Patinas and mixed metals are great to mix and match, and easy to combine with other pieces in your collection.

Pearl Ring
Gold & Pearl Ring

$ 180 - $ 990