"I don't dress wallflowers! That's what the name NOblu means: "No blues." Freedom from restriction and confident individuality."

Alexandra Ilyin loves her customer, and works hard to convey to her a license to have fun, to be unique and independent, to laugh and cherish life. Her designs all flow from that attitude. By choosing soft, comfortable, knit fabrics for easy care, lasting quality, and unique texture, Ilyin creates a sophisticated yet easy look for the woman of creativity and confidence.

Influenced early on by the great Asian designers and the European deconstruction trend, Ilyin combines a Japanese esthetic and a European edginess with a casual California approach. "It's almost a cliche, but I always start with the fabric. I am so attracted by the drape, comfort, and freedom of knits . . . just add a new motif and a great knit will practically drape itself on the mannequin into something wonderful."

About her training Alexandra Ilyin says, "I am what they call self-taught, if there is any such thing. My parents were both accomplished artists. My mother taught me all about form, my father taught me everything about color. How lucky am I?"

Superfly Tunic
Knit Tunic

$ 160
Flouncy Tunic
Knit Tunic

$ 108