Andre Nigoghossian

"I explore classic themes of nature and fantasy using the Venetian lampworking technique."

Andre Nigoghossian creates exquisite ornaments through lampworking, which involves melting glass cane in the flame of a torch to create detailed, small-scale sculptures imbued with a delicate beauty. He uses transparent and opaque molten colors to build up and capture the essence of a form or gesture before the glass cools and solidifies into its final shape. The process challenges and captivates Nigoghossian as an engaging hybrid of sculpture and painting.

Each piece begins with a glass rod that is melted in the torch flame into a roughly spherical blob of molten glass. This blob is then overlaid with other colored glass and pulled or flattened into shape. Then, additional bits of glass are added and shaped into wings, arms, legs, and heads. Fine details are added with shears and tweezers. Finally, the finished ornament is annealed in a digitally controlled kiln for lasting stability.


Fly Away
Art Glass Ornament

$ 98