Andrew Iannazzi

Andrew Iannazzi Glass Design

"My main interest in glassblowing is to create timeless design and iconic form language. "

Andrew Iannazzi is interested in iconic design language and imagery. He draws from historical Italian and Swedish design as well as American popular imagery. Glassblowing is the perfect medium for the investigation of these issues. Iannazzi uses his objects to explore functionality, form, and iconic representations.

The artist uses off-hand blowing and traditional mold-blowing techniques.

Iannazzi began glassblowing at Hartwick College in Oneonta, New York. He has since worked in numerous professional glassblowing facilities throughout the United States.

Beer Stein
Art Glass Drinkware

$ 124
Pouring Bowls
Art Glass Bowl

$ 187 - $ 230
A Royal Welcome
Art Glass Ornament

$ 52
Large Pineapple Bowl
Art Glass Drinkware

$ 298
Pineapple Party Set
Art Glass Drinkware

$ 650
Dark Matter Glasses
Art Glass Drinkware

$ 108 - $ 324
Poko Vase
Art Glass Vase

$ 332
Tropical Tiki Mugs
Art Glass Drinkware

$ 38 - $ 144
Glass Tiki Mugs
Art Glass Drinkware

$ 38 - $ 144