Anne Bossert

Anne Bossert Fiber Art and Furniture

"Working in both textiles and wood satisfies different parts of my personality. I love the spontaneity of painting dye onto threads and the comforting act of weaving. But I also enjoy the excitement of buzzing saw blades and the problem solving that comes with woodworking."

Anne Bossert truly believes that beautiful living environments make life better, and that we need to surround ourselves with interesting things so we stay engaged in life.

Bossert is a fiber artist as well as a woodworker. Since 2001, she has been making colorful furniture and furnishings out of high-end plywood and her own hand-dyed, handwoven textiles. She loves stripes and uses the laminations of plywood to make her striped creations.

Anne Bossert received her BFA in metalwork and jewelry from Northern Illinois University and her MFA in fiber art from Colorado State University. She currently lives in Fort Collins, Colorado. She grew up on a farm in Central Illinois, surrounded by the rows of corn and soybeans that inspired her affinity for stripes. She was the youngest child of very supportive parents, and her four older brothers unknowingly prepared her for a life in the arts by teaching her how to take criticism and how to laugh at herself.