Avolie Glass

"Our work reflects natural and botanical elements, inspired by our eco-conscious lives and love of the outdoors. We see beauty in the often overlooked or seemingly trivial—the texture of a rumpled leaf or a drifting cloud—and we work to capture that beauty in glass."

Avolie Glass gets its name from the Italian word avolio—the part of a Venetian goblet that joins the cup and the stem. The artists, a man-and-woman team from the Bay Area, use this symbolism to represent their shared journey of creativity and love. Their partnership is a reminder that life, like glass, is fragile and something to be treasured. They hope that the radiance of glass art enriches your life and invites a moment of appreciation for the little things that are often overlooked in the hustle of everyday life.

Avolie Glass uses traditional furnace glass to create their work, building upon traditional techniques and reinterpreting them in contemporary designs. Through the use of blowing, hot sculpting, and intricate color patterns, the artists see each piece as a canvas for their imagination. They often utilize various cold-working techniques, such as sand blasting and acid etching, to finish each piece.

The artists of Avolie Glass have been making glass for more than 20 years combined. Both artists have studied at the College of Idaho, Pilchuck School of Glass, and the Corning Museum of Glass. Individually, they have exhibited at numerous museums and have received national recognition, including the 2014 NICHE Award in Glass. Their work is also used as set decor on Giada de Laurentis' award-winning TV show, Giada at Home. Both artists are teachers, and volunteer extensively in their community.

Surf and Sand Vessels
Art Glass Sculpture

$ 395 - $ 495
Round Surf and Sand Vessel
Art Glass Vessel

$ 250 - $ 500
Sedona Vessels
Art Glass Vase

$ 145 - $ 400