Barbara Stikker

Barbara Stikker

"I am a printmaker because I love to draw, and traditional printing techniques allow me to translate my love into vivid, textural, multiple images. I am interested in combining the lines on the plate with color and paper to create carefully crafted images that reflect the beauty of the natural world around me."

Printmaker Barbara Stikker creates abstracted representational images in her San Francisco studio. Working from observation, she translates photos into distinctive images. Stikker is inspired, in part, by her volunteer work at a wildlife rehabilitation facility. As she assists in the treatment of songbirds, she has grown to appreciate their beauty, individuality, and intelligence.

Barbara Stikker works across a number of traditional printmaking platforms, including linoleum, etching, dry point, and photogravure. She creates small edition hand-pulled prints that require varied inking in a number of successive passes through the press to create layered, complex images.

A lifelong artist, Barbara Stikker has studied printmaking at the College of Marin and City College of San Francisco. In addition, she has regularly participated in etching workshops with the master printers of Crown Point Press in San Francisco. She is a member of the Graphic Arts Workshop and the California Society of Printmakers.

Selected Exhibitions & Awards
Exchange Exhibition featuring Los Angeles Printmaking Society and California Society of Printmakers (Juried Exhibition), Los Angeles, California, Pacific Design Center, 2013
7th Annual California Centered: Printmaking Exhibition, Merced, California, Merced Multicultural Arts Center, 2013