Bayley Wharton

"An emphasis on function, strength, and simplicity with a touch of intrigue are the driving forces that shape my work. "

Bayley Wharton believes that design integrity in any medium begins with an honest approach towards materials and processes. Beginning each piece with the selection of the highest quality of wood, Wharton uses all natural finishes to emphasize the natural beauty of the wood itself. Rather than adding ornamentation to his designs, Wharton uses joinery as a focal point that illustrates how the piece was put together.

Wharton's goal is to build furniture that fits the past, the present and the future--to provide for the long term rather than following the latest trends. To this end, Wharton's designs maximize function, durability, and style, and minimize environmental impact. The finishes are common furniture finishes, and the care is low maintenance. Bayley Wharton creates furniture pieces that are beautiful, easy to care for, and will last for generations.


Y2K Hall Table
Wooden Hall Table

$ 1,000
Y2K Pedestal
Wooden Pedestal

$ 795
Torii Table
Wood Table

$ 1,850
Selected Exhibitions & Awards
American Craft Council Show, Baltimore Convention Center, Baltimore. MD, 2019